Interface Http2HeadersDecoder.Configuration

    • Method Detail

      • maxHeaderListSize

        void maxHeaderListSize​(long max,
                               long goAwayMax)
                        throws Http2Exception
        Configure the maximum allowed size in bytes of each set of headers.

        This method should only be called by Netty (not users) as a result of a receiving a SETTINGS frame.

        max - SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE. If this limit is exceeded the implementation should attempt to keep the HPACK header tables up to date by processing data from the peer, but a RST_STREAM frame will be sent for the offending stream.
        goAwayMax - Must be >= max. A GO_AWAY frame will be generated if this limit is exceeded for any particular stream.
        Http2Exception - if limits exceed the RFC's boundaries or max > goAwayMax.
      • maxHeaderListSizeGoAway

        long maxHeaderListSizeGoAway()
        Represents the upper bound in bytes for a set of headers before a GO_AWAY should be sent. This will be <= SETTINGS_MAX_HEADER_LIST_SIZE.