Interface BufferAllocatorMetric

  • public interface BufferAllocatorMetric
    • Method Detail

      • numArenas

        int numArenas()
        Return the number of arenas.
      • numThreadLocalCaches

        int numThreadLocalCaches()
        Return the number of thread local caches used by this PooledBufferAllocator.
      • smallCacheSize

        int smallCacheSize()
        Return the size of the small cache.
      • normalCacheSize

        int normalCacheSize()
        Return the size of the normal cache.
      • chunkSize

        int chunkSize()
        Return the chunk size for an arena.
      • usedMemory

        long usedMemory()
        Returns the number of bytes of heap memory used by a BufferAllocator or -1 if unknown.
      • pinnedMemory

        long pinnedMemory()
        Returns the number of bytes of memory that is currently pinned to the buffers allocated by a BufferAllocator, or -1 if unknown.