Interface HttpServerUpgradeHandler.UpgradeCodec

    • Method Detail

      • requiredUpgradeHeaders

        Collection<CharSequence> requiredUpgradeHeaders()
        Gets all protocol-specific headers required by this protocol for a successful upgrade. Any supplied header will be required to appear in the HttpHeaderNames.CONNECTION header as well.
      • prepareUpgradeResponse

        boolean prepareUpgradeResponse​(ChannelHandlerContext ctx,
                                       FullHttpRequest upgradeRequest,
                                       HttpHeaders upgradeHeaders)
        Prepares the upgradeHeaders for a protocol update based upon the contents of upgradeRequest. This method returns a boolean value to proceed or abort the upgrade in progress. If false is returned, the upgrade is aborted and the upgradeRequest will be passed through the inbound pipeline as if no upgrade was performed. If true is returned, the upgrade will proceed to the next step which invokes upgradeTo(, io.netty5.handler.codec.http.FullHttpRequest). When returning true, you can add headers to the upgradeHeaders so that they are added to the 101 Switching protocols response.
      • upgradeTo

        void upgradeTo​(ChannelHandlerContext ctx,
                       FullHttpRequest upgradeRequest)
        Performs an HTTP protocol upgrade from the source codec. This method is responsible for adding all handlers required for the new protocol.
        ctx - the context for the current handler.
        upgradeRequest - the request that triggered the upgrade to this protocol.