Class MacAddressUtil

  • public final class MacAddressUtil
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • bestAvailableMac

        public static byte[] bestAvailableMac()
        Obtains the best MAC address found on local network interfaces. Generally speaking, an active network interface used on public networks is better than a local network interface.
        byte array containing a MAC. null if no MAC can be found.
      • defaultMachineId

        public static byte[] defaultMachineId()
        Returns the result of bestAvailableMac() if non-null otherwise returns a random EUI-64 MAC address.
      • parseMAC

        public static byte[] parseMAC​(String value)
        Parse a EUI-48, MAC-48, or EUI-64 MAC address from a String and return it as a byte[].
        value - The string representation of the MAC address.
        The byte representation of the MAC address.
      • formatAddress

        public static String formatAddress​(byte[] addr)
        addr - byte array of a MAC address.
        hex formatted MAC address.