Interface Http2DataWriter

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      • writeData

        Future<Void> writeData​(ChannelHandlerContext ctx,
                               int streamId,
                               Buffer data,
                               int padding,
                               boolean endStream)
        Writes a DATA frame to the remote endpoint. This will result in one or more frames being written to the context.
        ctx - the context to use for writing.
        streamId - the stream for which to send the frame.
        data - the payload of the frame. This will be released by this method.
        padding - additional bytes that should be added to obscure the true content size. Must be between 0 and 256 (inclusive). A 1 byte padding is encoded as just the pad length field with value 0. A 256 byte padding is encoded as the pad length field with value 255 and 255 padding bytes appended to the end of the frame.
        endStream - indicates if this is the last frame to be sent for the stream.
        the future for the write.