Interface Http2ConnectionEncoder

    • Method Detail

      • lifecycleManager

        void lifecycleManager​(Http2LifecycleManager lifecycleManager)
        Sets the lifecycle manager. Must be called as part of initialization before the encoder is used.
      • connection

        Http2Connection connection()
        Provides direct access to the underlying connection.
      • flowController

        Http2RemoteFlowController flowController()
        Provides the remote flow controller for managing outbound traffic.
      • frameWriter

        Http2FrameWriter frameWriter()
        Provides direct access to the underlying frame writer object.
      • pollSentSettings

        Http2Settings pollSentSettings()
        Gets the local settings on the top of the queue that has been sent but not ACKed. This may return null.
      • writeFrame

        Future<Void> writeFrame​(ChannelHandlerContext ctx,
                                byte frameType,
                                int streamId,
                                Http2Flags flags,
                                Buffer payload)
        Writes the given data to the internal Http2FrameWriter without performing any state checks on the connection/stream.
        Specified by:
        writeFrame in interface Http2FrameWriter
        ctx - the context to use for writing.
        frameType - the frame type identifier.
        streamId - the stream for which to send the frame.
        flags - the flags to write for this frame.
        payload - the payload to write for this frame. This will be released by this method.
        the future for the write.