Class ByteBufferMemoryManager

    • Constructor Detail

      • ByteBufferMemoryManager

        public ByteBufferMemoryManager()
    • Method Detail

      • allocateShared

        public Buffer allocateShared​(AllocatorControl allocatorControl,
                                     long size,
                                     Function<Drop<Buffer>,​Drop<Buffer>> dropDecorator,
                                     AllocationType allocationType)
        Description copied from interface: MemoryManager
        Allocates a shared buffer. "Shared" is the normal type of buffer, and means the buffer permit concurrent access from multiple threads, within the limited thread-safety guarantees of the Buffer interface.
        Specified by:
        allocateShared in interface MemoryManager
        allocatorControl - Call-back interface for controlling the allocator that requested the allocation of this buffer.
        size - The size of the buffer to allocate. This size is assumed to be valid for the implementation.
        dropDecorator - A function to decorate the memory managers Drop instance. The Drop instance returned by this function will be used when the buffer is closed.
        allocationType - The type of allocation to perform. Typically, one of the StandardAllocationTypes.
        A Buffer instance with the given configuration.
      • allocateConstChild

        public Buffer allocateConstChild​(Buffer readOnlyConstParent)
        Description copied from interface: MemoryManager
        Allocates a constant buffer based on the given parent. A "constant" buffer is conceptually similar to a read-only buffer, but the implementation may share the underlying memory across multiple buffer instance - something that is normally not allowed by the API. This allows efficient implementation of the BufferAllocator.constBufferSupplier(byte[]) method.

        Note: The const-parent buffer must be allocated by this memory manager.

        Specified by:
        allocateConstChild in interface MemoryManager
        readOnlyConstParent - The read-only parent buffer for which a const buffer should be created. The parent buffer is allocated in the usual way, with MemoryManager.allocateShared(AllocatorControl, long, Function, AllocationType), initialised with contents, and then made read-only.
        A const buffer with the same size, contents, and read-only state of the given parent buffer.
      • unwrapRecoverableMemory

        public Object unwrapRecoverableMemory​(Buffer buf)
        Description copied from interface: MemoryManager
        Create an object that represents the internal memory of the given buffer.
        Specified by:
        unwrapRecoverableMemory in interface MemoryManager
        buf - The buffer to unwrap.
        The internal memory of the given buffer, as an opaque object.
      • sliceMemory

        public Object sliceMemory​(Object memory,
                                  int offset,
                                  int length)
        Description copied from interface: MemoryManager
        Produces a slice of the given internal memory representation object.
        Specified by:
        sliceMemory in interface MemoryManager
        memory - The opaque memory to slice.
        offset - The offset into the memory to slice from.
        length - The length of the slice.
        A new opaque memory instance that represents the given slice of the original.
      • clearMemory

        public void clearMemory​(Object memory)
        Description copied from interface: MemoryManager
        Overwrite the given recoverable memory object with zeroes, erasing all data that it contains.

        This is used by the SensitiveBufferAllocator to erase data on deallocation.

        Specified by:
        clearMemory in interface MemoryManager
        memory - The memory that should be overwritten.