Class GlobalChannelTrafficCounter

  • public class GlobalChannelTrafficCounter
    extends TrafficCounter
    Version for GlobalChannelTrafficShapingHandler. This TrafficCounter is the Global one, and its special property is to directly handle other channel's TrafficCounters. In particular, there are no scheduler for those channel's TrafficCounters because it is managed by this one.
    • Constructor Detail

      • GlobalChannelTrafficCounter

        public GlobalChannelTrafficCounter​(GlobalChannelTrafficShapingHandler trafficShapingHandler,
                                           EventExecutorGroup executor,
                                           String name,
                                           long checkInterval)
        trafficShapingHandler - the associated GlobalChannelTrafficShapingHandler.
        executor - the underlying executor service for scheduling checks (both Global and per Channel).
        name - the name given to this monitor.
        checkInterval - the checkInterval in millisecond between two computations.
    • Method Detail

      • start

        public void start()
        Start the monitoring process.
        start in class TrafficCounter
      • stop

        public void stop()
        Stop the monitoring process.
        stop in class TrafficCounter
      • resetCumulativeTime

        public void resetCumulativeTime()
        Description copied from class: TrafficCounter
        Reset both read and written cumulative bytes counters and the associated absolute time from System.currentTimeMillis().
        resetCumulativeTime in class TrafficCounter