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Open Source Projects

  • Akka is a Scala-based platform that provides simpler scalability, fault-tolerance, concurrency, and remoting through the actor model and software transactional memory.
  • Apache James Server is a modular e-mail server platform that integrates SMTP, POP3, IMAP, and NNTP.
  • Arquillian is an innovative in-container testing platform for the JVM
  • Async HTTP Client is a simple-to-use library that allows you to execute HTTP requests and process the HTTP responses asynchronously.
  • BungeeCord is the de facto proxy solution for combining multiple Minecraft servers into a cloud / hub system.
  • Elastic Search is a distributed RESTful search engine built on top of Lucene.
  • Eucalyptus is a software infrastructure for implementing on-premise cloud computing using an organization's own IT infrastructure, without modification, special-purpose hardware or reconfiguration.
  • Forest is a general purpose friend-to-friend platform.
  • Gatling is an asynchronous and efficient stress tool developed with Netty and Akka.
  • Hammersmith is a pure asynchronous MongoDB driver for Scala
  • Higgs is a high performance, message oriented network library.
  • Holmes is a Java application that implements DLNA/UPnP protocol for playing videos, music, pictures and podcasts (RSS) to compatible devices.
  • HornetQ is a project to build a multi-protocol, embeddable, very high performance, clustered, asynchronous messaging system.
  • http-client is a high performance and throughput oriented HTTP client library.
  • Infinispan is an extremely scalable, highly avaiable data grid platform.
  • jaC64 is a C64 emulator with multiplayer support.
  • JBossWS is a feature-rich JAX-WS compatible web service stack.
  • Jetserver is a fast multiplayer java game server written using JBoss Netty and Mike Rettig's Jetlang. It supports TCP and UDP transmission and Flash AMF3 protocol.
  • JXTA is a set of open protocols that enable any connected device on the network, ranging from cell phones and wireless PDAs to PCs and servers, to communicate and collaborate in a P2P manner.
  • LittleProxy is a high-performance HTTP proxy.
  • LittleShoot is an open source P2P technology for publishing, searching, and downloading files based on open protocols and open standards.
  • MessagePack is a binary-based efficient object serialization library that enables to exchange structured objects between many languages.
  • Mobicents Media Server is a media gateway server that processes the audio and/or video streams associated with telephone calls or VoIP connections.
  • Mobicents SIP Servlets is an open source certified SIP Servlet implementation.
  • Moquette MQTT broker Simple MQTT broker that uses Netty for protocol codec.
  • Naggati is a protocol builder for Netty, written in Scala.
  • is a Scala/Netty Netflow Collector used at
  • Netty Tools is a small collection of tools useful when working with Netty, which includes various HTTP clients and servers, bandwidth meter, and Thrift RPC processor.
  • Netty-ICAP Codec is a high performance full RFC3507 compliant ICAP codec implementation. This protocol is mostly used in proxy environments in order to offload work to external servers.
  • Netty-SocketIO is a Socket.IO server written on top of Netty
  • Netty-ZMTP is a collection of Netty channel handlers that aims to implement ZMTP/1.0, the ZeroMQ Message Transport Protocol.
  • Nifty is a Netty-based Thrift transport implementation.
  • NIOSMTP is an asynchronous SMTP client implementation.
  • OpenTSDB is a distributed, scalable, Time Series Database written on top of HBase to store, index, and serve the metrics collected from computer systems.
  • Peregrine is a map reduce framework designed for running iterative jobs across partitions of data. Peregrine is designed to be FAST for executing map reduce jobs by supporting a number of optimizations and features not present in other map reduce frameworks.
  • Play Framework is a clean alternative web application framework to J2EE stack, which focuses on developer productivity and targets RESTful architecture.
  • PS3 Media Server is a DLNA compliant UPNP Media Server for PS3 which transcodes and streams any kind of media files.
  • RESTExpress is a lightweight, fast, micro-framework for building stand-alone REST services in Java. It supports JSON and XML serialization automagically as well as ISO 8601 date formats.
  • SocketIO4j is a Socket.IO server based on Netty.
  • Spigot is a high performance Minecraft server based on CraftBukkit designed to provide the highest possible performance and reliability. It uses Netty for its custom network stack.
  • Teiid is a data virtualization system that allows applications to use data from multiple, heterogenous data stores.
  • Torrent4J is a BitTorrent library implemented in pure Java.
  • TomP2P is an extended DHT (distributed hash table) which stores values for a location key in a sorted table.
  • Unfiltered is a toolkit for servicing HTTP requests in Scala that provides a consistent vocabulary for handing requests on various server backends.
  • Vert.x is an effortless asynchronous application development for the modern web and enterprise
  • WaarpFtp is an FTP Server based on Netty
  • Webbit is an event-based WebSocket and HTTP server.
  • Xitrum is an async and clustered Scala web framework and HTTP(S) server on top of Netty and Hazelcast.
  • zooterrain is a small self-containing web server app which pushes all ZooKeeper znodes and their changes to the browser (using WebSocket).

Closed Source Projects and On-line Services

  • Avast Software distributes their anti-virus updates to more than 100M users using Netty.
  • Between is private mobile SNS for couples. They built their API and messaging server with Netty.
  • Boundary monitors the continuously changing environment of distributed applications in real-time
  • ESN Planet is a feature-rich social real-time web platform which scales horizontally and vertically.
  • Facebook open sourced a Netty-based Thrift transport implementation called Nifty.
  • Kakao Talk is a mobile messenger over 40 million people use. They built their Android push server with Netty.
  • LiquidLabs LogScape is a high performance log visualization tool that scales to thousands of machines; suitable for grid, cloud or SOA applications.
  • Red Hat - They use it in the commercial products based on infinispan and hornetq.
  • RememberTheMilk - check their blog post.
  • Twitter - check their blog post and many of their open source projects.
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