Interface DnsRawRecord

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      • content

        Buffer content()
        Get a reference to the Buffer backing this raw DNS record. Care must be taken with the returned buffer, as changes to the buffer offsets or its contents will reflect on the raw DNS record contents.
        The Buffer instance backing this raw DNS record.
      • touch

        DnsRawRecord touch​(Object hint)
        Description copied from interface: Resource
        Record the current access location for debugging purposes. This information may be included if the resource throws a life-cycle related exception, or if it leaks. If this resource has already been closed, then this method has no effect.
        Specified by:
        touch in interface Resource<DnsRawRecord>
        hint - An optional hint about this access and its context. May be null.
        This resource instance.
      • copy

        DnsRawRecord copy()
        Description copied from interface: DnsRecord
        Returns a copy of this record object. Immutable record objects may return themselves.
        Specified by:
        copy in interface DnsRecord