Class WebSocketFrame

    • Constructor Detail

      • WebSocketFrame

        protected WebSocketFrame​(Buffer binaryData)
      • WebSocketFrame

        protected WebSocketFrame​(Send<Buffer> binaryData)
      • WebSocketFrame

        protected WebSocketFrame​(boolean finalFragment,
                                 int rsv,
                                 Buffer binaryData)
      • WebSocketFrame

        protected WebSocketFrame​(WebSocketFrame copyFrom,
                                 Buffer binaryData)
        This is a copy-constructor, used by sub-classes to implement Resource.send(). The life cycle of the binaryData buffer is not manipulated by this constructor, but instead stored as-is.
        copyFrom - The original frame instance to copy from.
        binaryData - The binary data of the original frame.
    • Method Detail

      • isFinalFragment

        public boolean isFinalFragment()
        Flag to indicate if this frame is the final fragment in a message. The first fragment (frame) may also be the final fragment.
      • rsv

        public int rsv()
        Bits used for extensions to the standard.
      • binaryData

        public Buffer binaryData()