Interface JdkApplicationProtocolNegotiator.ProtocolSelector

  • Enclosing interface:

    public static interface JdkApplicationProtocolNegotiator.ProtocolSelector
    Interface to define the role of an application protocol selector in the SSL handshake process. Either unsupported() OR select(List) will be called for each SSL handshake.
    • Method Detail

      • unsupported

        void unsupported()
        Callback invoked to let the application know that the peer does not support this ApplicationProtocolNegotiator.
      • select

        String select​(List<String> protocols)
               throws Exception
        Callback invoked to select the application level protocol from the protocols provided.
        protocols - the protocols sent by the protocol advertiser
        the protocol selected by this JdkApplicationProtocolNegotiator.ProtocolSelector. A null value will indicate the no protocols were selected but the handshake should not fail. The decision to fail the handshake is left to the other end negotiating the SSL handshake.
        Exception - If the protocols provide warrant failing the SSL handshake with a fatal alert.