Interface AuthoritativeDnsServerCache

    • Method Detail

      • get

        DnsServerAddressStream get​(String hostname)
        Returns the cached nameservers that should be used to resolve the given hostname. The returned DnsServerAddressStream may contain unresolved InetSocketAddresses that will be resolved when needed while resolving other domain names.
        hostname - the hostname
        the cached entries or an null if none.
      • cache

        void cache​(String hostname,
                   InetSocketAddress address,
                   long originalTtl,
                   EventLoop loop)
        Caches a nameserver that should be used to resolve the given hostname.
        hostname - the hostname
        address - the nameserver address (which may be unresolved).
        originalTtl - the TTL as returned by the DNS server
        loop - the EventLoop used to register the TTL timeout
      • clear

        void clear()
        Clears all cached nameservers.
        See Also:
      • clear

        boolean clear​(String hostname)
        Clears the cached nameservers for the specified hostname.
        true if and only if there was an entry for the specified host name in the cache and it has been removed by this method