Interface ChannelId

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    Comparable<ChannelId>, Serializable
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    public interface ChannelId
    extends Serializable, Comparable<ChannelId>
    Represents the globally unique identifier of a Channel.

    The identifier is generated from various sources listed in the following:

    • MAC address (EUI-48 or EUI-64) or the network adapter, preferably a globally unique one,
    • the current process ID,
    • System.currentTimeMillis(),
    • System.nanoTime(),
    • a random 32-bit integer, and
    • a sequentially incremented 32-bit integer.

    The global uniqueness of the generated identifier mostly depends on the MAC address and the current process ID, which are auto-detected at the class-loading time in best-effort manner. If all attempts to acquire them fail, a warning message is logged, and random values will be used instead. Alternatively, you can specify them manually via system properties:

    • io.netty5.machineId - hexadecimal representation of 48 (or 64) bit integer, optionally separated by colon or hyphen.
    • io.netty5.processId - an integer between 0 and 65535

    • Method Detail

      • asShortText

        String asShortText()
        Returns the short but globally non-unique string representation of the ChannelId.
      • asLongText

        String asLongText()
        Returns the long yet globally unique string representation of the ChannelId.