Class AdaptiveRecvBufferAllocator

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    MaxMessagesRecvBufferAllocator, RecvBufferAllocator

    public class AdaptiveRecvBufferAllocator
    extends DefaultMaxMessagesRecvBufferAllocator
    The RecvBufferAllocator that automatically increases and decreases the predicted buffer size on feed back.

    It gradually increases the expected number of readable bytes if the previous read fully filled the allocated buffer. It gradually decreases the expected number of readable bytes if the read operation was unable to fill a certain amount of the allocated buffer two times consecutively. Otherwise, it keeps returning the same prediction.

    • Constructor Detail

      • AdaptiveRecvBufferAllocator

        public AdaptiveRecvBufferAllocator()
        Creates a new predictor with the default parameters. With the default parameters, the expected buffer size starts from 1024, does not go down below 64, and does not go up above 65536.
      • AdaptiveRecvBufferAllocator

        public AdaptiveRecvBufferAllocator​(int minimum,
                                           int initial,
                                           int maximum)
        Creates a new predictor with the specified parameters.
        minimum - the inclusive lower bound of the expected buffer size
        initial - the initial buffer size when no feedback was received
        maximum - the inclusive upper bound of the expected buffer size
    • Method Detail

      • newHandle

        public RecvBufferAllocator.Handle newHandle()
        Description copied from interface: RecvBufferAllocator
        Creates a new handle. The handle provides the actual operations and keeps the internal information which is required for predicting an optimal buffer capacity.