Class DefaultBufferAddressedEnvelope<A extends SocketAddress>

    • Constructor Detail

      • DefaultBufferAddressedEnvelope

        public DefaultBufferAddressedEnvelope​(Buffer message,
                                              A recipient,
                                              A sender)
        Creates a new instance with the specified message, recipient address, and sender address.
      • DefaultBufferAddressedEnvelope

        public DefaultBufferAddressedEnvelope​(Buffer message,
                                              A recipient)
        Creates a new instance with the specified message and recipient address. The sender address becomes null.
    • Method Detail

      • touch

        public DefaultBufferAddressedEnvelope<A> touch​(Object hint)
        Description copied from interface: Resource
        Record the current access location for debugging purposes. This information may be included if the resource throws a life-cycle related exception, or if it leaks. If this resource has already been closed, then this method has no effect.
        hint - An optional hint about this access and its context. May be null.
        This resource instance.