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Getting involved with the Netty community is easier than you think.
Tell us what you think, and open the future of network programming.

Post questions

We use StackOverflow as the place to ask the questions. Just tag your question with 'netty', and then we will respond.

Stay tuned & spread the words

Follow @netty_project at Twitter, mention us, and use the '#Netty' hash­tag. Subscribe to our RSS feed to get useful information. If you are interested in how we work with code, watch our Github repository.

Even better, if you are in the mood of writing something longer, think about writing an article about Netty and let us know.

Report bugs & security issues

Found a bug? Browse our issue tracker and file an issue if it was not reported before. Get back and let us know if it's fixed.

If you think the bug you found is likely to make Netty-based applications vulnerable to an attack, please do not use our public issue tracker but report it to the dedicated private Google Group.

Commit your code

It's all open source! Netty is hosted at Github. Feel free to fork it, issue a pull request, and join the discussion. We also have a Google Group for the topics that need a broader discussion. If your contribution is not trivial, you will have to sign up the Contributor License Agreement (CLA). Before working with Netty source code, you might want to read the developer guide.

Sponsor us

You or your company can also donate the resources we need for sustainable development of the project, such as fund to cover the cost for developer meet-ups, heart-warming gift, and software license. The donors are listed here.