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Developer guide

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Please note that this guide is not a 'user guide'. It is not intended for the 'users' who build an application using Netty but for the contributors ('dev') who want to develop Netty itself.

Before getting started


Please use the following checklist before pushing your commits or issuing a pull request:

  • Does your work build without any failure when you run 'mvn test' from shell?
  • Does your work introduce any new inspector warnings?
  • Does your commit message or pull request description meet our commit message rules?
  • Did you rebase your pull request against the HEAD of the target branch and fix all conflicts?
  • Did you sign the contributor license agreement?

For contributors with push rights

  • A pull request often contains multiple commits. Those commits must be squashed into a small number of commits with explanatory comments.
  • Do not merge a pull request via the web UI unless there's a good reason doing that. Refer to the 'Patch and Apply' section in the GitHub help page.
  • Be careful when you update the official web site or release a new version.
Last retrieved on 11-Jul-2024