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Announcing the new web site

Hello Netty community,

I have successfully finished the migration of our web site from the to our own domain, The new web site and its complete source code is hosted at Github.

In this announcement, I'd like to mention what this means for us:

  • We are no longer a member of the JBoss Community.
  • The user forum is replaced with StackOverflow. Please don't forget to tag your questions with 'netty'.
  • The developer forum is replaced with a Google Group. Invitations will be sent to the subscribers.
  • JIRA is replaced with the Github issue tracker.
  • Wiki is replaced with the Github wiki.
  • The announcement forum is replaced with the news section of the web site. We will post interesting news and articles there. (RSS Feed)

The old web site at will contain announcements to redirect you to the new web site. All forums, JIRA project, and wiki pages will go read-only, too.

With this big move, I believe, both the users and developers will take advantage of the best-of-the-breed services. Contributing to the web site content and documentation will also become much easier because everything is now hosted at Git repositories. Just fork it and send a pull request.

I'd like to thank Twitter for allowing me to take the exciting opportunity to join the flock and to spend more time on the project and make this move happen.

What do you think about the new web site? Does it look good? What do you miss from the old web site? What would make it even better? Let us know!