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Netty 3.4.3.Final released!

The Netty project team is proud to announce the final release of Netty 3.4.3. This is a bugfix release of the 3.4.x series

The JAR file can be found on Maven central repository. You can also get the full tarball from the download page.

The most important bugfix is the removal of a deadlock in ChunkedWriteHandler that could kick in sometimes. See #297 for more details. Beside this we also ship two small low-risk features which may be helpful for some users:

  • ChannelLocal implements Iterable now. See #307.
  • SslHandler allow to detect incoming close_notify messages via a ChannelFuture that get notified. See #137

Beside this we had a handful of other bugfixes which are included. For the detailed list of the changes, please refer to the issue tracker page.

Please do not use the release as it contains a regression in ChunkedWriteHandler, use 3.4.4.Final!