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Netty 3.5.0.Beta1 released!

The Netty project team is proud to announce the first beta release of Netty 3.5.0. Please note that it's a beta release, so you might need to test it thoroughly before putting it into production.

The JAR file is already on Maven central repository. You can also get the full tarball from the download page.

This version introduces various features. The most important are:

  • SPDY3 support. Thanks again to our friends at twitter!
  • NIO UDP Multicast support (only available when using jdk7)
  • Gathering Writes support (only available when using jdk7)
  • HTTP POST support
  • Handler for traffic shaping
  • Handler for IP based filtering
  • Encoder/Decoder that supports marshall / unmarshall of java objects via JBoss Marshalling (can be used as replacement for ObjectEncoder/ObjectDecoder)

API Breakage in SPDY

Please note that this release includes some "small" API Breakage in the spdy package, which should not effect most of you. All static field values that were located in the SpdyHeaders.HttpNames class were moved to the Spdy2Headers.HttpNames class. The ones that are now in SpdyHeaders.HttpNames are related to SPDY3. The ones in Spdy2Headers are the old ones that are related to SPDY2.

Along with the new features mentioned above, this release also includes many other bugfixes.

For the detailed list of the changes, please refer to the issue tracker page.