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Netty 4.0.0.Alpha5: One step closer to beta

I'm proud to announce Netty 4.0.0.Alpha5 as a proof of our progress toward the beta phase. For recent alpha releases, we got increasingly awesome community contributions such as SCTP transport and WebSocket enhancements.  This time, we made a couple more interesting changes along with many bug fixes.

  • In response to many requests, we added CORS preflight header constants to HttpHeaders finally.
  • Jestan Nirojan added blocking OIO SCTP transport that has better throughput than the NIO SCTP transport.
  • A new interface called 'HttpObject' has been added, and HttpMessage and HttpChunk extend it.
  • HttpMessageDecoder does not raise an exception when a bad HTTP message is received anymore.  It decodes the bad HTTP message as an HttpMessage or an HttpChunk with the information why decoding failed.  To get an idea what changes in your HTTP application are required, please check out this commit.  Also, you might want to read this issue tracker page to understand why this change was necessary.

For complete list of changes, check our issue tracker.

As Norman mentioned when announcing 4.0.0.Alpha4, the API is now pretty stable and we did not see any changes in the core API recently.  In the next release, I'm probably going to introduce buffer pooling and Netty 4 should be ready for beta finally.