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Netty 3.5.11.Final is out

Here comes another bug-fix release of the 3.5.x series. This is a "bug-fix-only" release, so nothing included beside bug-fixes. 

This release is 100% API compatible and so it can be used as a drop-in-replacement.

The most important fixes are:

  • [#723] Prevent loss of events when shutdown ExecutionHandler
  • [#729] WebSocketClientHandshaker* does not handle urls with non abs_path correctly
  • [#734] NPE is thrown and ChannelFuture is NOT notified if an unsupported message type is written to the Channel
  • [#735] WebSocketClientHandshaker08 / WebSocketClientHandshaker13 may notify ChannelFuture before the right encoder is present
  • [#755] Fix header block values truncation in decompression when using SPDY
  • [#761] Fix possible NPE in cleanupWriteBuffer when closing Channel

For a complete list of changes please checkout our issue tracker

The JAR file can be found on Maven Central or  you can also get the full tarball from the download page. Whatever you prefer...

Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.