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Netty 3.6.2.Final released

While we spend most of our time working on the first beta of the next major version of Netty , we also spend some time to fix bugs and add new features to our current stable series.  

As result of this we released another stable version out of the 3.6.x series today. Say "Hi" to Netty 3.6.2.Final!

The release includes bug-fixes, enhancements and also new features. So if you are interested keep reading...


Here are the most important bug-fixes:

  • [#915] SSL handshake may be done twice
  • [#921] WebSocket07ClientHandshaker may throw a NPE
  • [#926] Chrome requires version header in SPDY_SESSION_PUSHED_SYN_STREAM

New stuff and improvements

Add Socks codec

This release comes with a socks codec. Be aware that it only works with Java 6 or higher because of some classes that are only available since Java 6. Checkout the "org.jboss.netty.handler.codec.socks" package for all the classes and their javadocs.

Support async bind of ServerChannel

Previous this release it was not possible to use the loved ServerBootstrap to bind to a Socket in an async fashion. This was because the ServerBootstrap.bind(..) method is blocking till the bound operation completes. Unfortunately, this is often not what you want as want to do other tasks while the bind operation completes.

To overcome this limitation while still keep backward compatibility we introduced 2 new methods to ServerBootstrap. These are the async counterparts of the existing bind() and bind(SocketAddress) methods.

Here you see async bind in action...

Special thanks go out to the vert-x project which made us aware of the problem. So we hope you enjoy it emoticon_smile


For a complete list of changes please checkout our issue tracker.  To download Netty, as usual, please visit the downloads page or get it via maven like usual.

Please let us know if you have any problems or questions.