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Netty 4.0.0.Beta2 released

Less than a couple weeks have passed since we released the first beta version of Netty 4. We wished to release this beta with a larger list of improvements and features, but we decided to release it sooner than usual to address various bugs reported by community before we move on to the next batch of relatively large changes. If you were hesistant becoming a guinea pig, you might want to try it now because it's not the first beta. So, why don't you just grab it now? :-)

Notable changes

  • Memory footprint of ChannelFuture, ChannelPromise, and ChannelHandlerContext have been reduced significantly. (#1074 and #58)
  • Replaced java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentHashMap with ConcurrentHashMapV8 wherever possible for better performance and less memory footprint. This is only used when your JDK has sun.misc.Unsafe and the JDK version is older than 8 because it uses unsafe operations and JDK 8 ships the same ConcurrentHashMap implementation already. (#1052)
  • Netty does not ship its own jzlib fork anymore. If you use gzip/zlib/deflate compression, your project must depend on the latest jzlib.
  • RXTX transport has been ported finally thanks to Luke Wood. (Did you know he is also a key contributor of our Snappy compression codec?)
  • Fixed 12 bugs

Visit here for the complete list of the changes.