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Netty 3.6.5.Final released

Unfortunately we introduces a regression in the previous released 3.6.4.Final, so we decided to release 3.6.5.Final as soon as possible. The regression could lead to CPU-Spinning even while idling. Everyone is adviced to upgrade from 3.6.4.Final to 3.6.5.Final as soon as possible. This release is cut from the 3.x branch and is a bug-fix only release, which only fix the mention regression. You can get it from the downloads page and the Maven central repository. Please report any regressions or bugs via the issue tracker.

Fixed bugs

  • Fix regression which could cause CPU-Spinning. (#1243) and (#1246)
  • Fix bug in AbstractTrafficShaper which could make it work incorrect if the system clock went backwards. (#1237)

Visit here for the complete list of the changes.


Every idea and bug-report counts; the following people participated in the development of this release. Please report an unintended omission.