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Netty 4.0.2.Final released

This is the second bug-fix release out of the new stable 4.x tree. This release contains an important fix which eliminate a possible resource leak in the core of netty. So we strongly advice to upgrade from previous 4.x releases ASAP.

Beside this, this release also contains fixes related to HTTP.

Thanks go out to all the contributors and users who reported bugs and gave feedback. We welcome everyone to become a part of our community.

Important changes

As noted above this release contains important fixes / changes. Those are listed below.

  • Data structure corruption and resource leak in ChannelOutboundBuffer. (#1596)
  • HttpObjectEncoder throws IllegalStateException if an empty HttpContent is written. (#1595)
  • Fix HttpContentDecoder (#1588)

Other changes

  • More gracefully handling of IOException when using ServerChannels
  • Less confusing leak warning

Visit here for the complete list of the changes.