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Three releases a day: 5.0.0.Alpha2, 4.1.0.Beta4, and 4.0.26.Final

After a long time we finally release netty 5.0.0.Alpha2 , 4.1.0.Beta4 and 4.0.26.Final. These releases include a ton of fixes, improvements and new features.

As always, feedback welcome!


After more then a year we released another alpha version of netty 5.0.0 which includes 170 fixes issues / tasks. For a complete list of changes please check the Bugtracker.


Due the high-interest in using http/2 with netty we decided to backport our http/2 support to 4.1.0 and released it as part of 4.1.0.Beta4. For more details see #3339. The release also includes support for UNIX Domain Sockets as stated in #3344 and #3345.

For a complete list of all of the 44 fixes please check the Bugtracker.


A new version out of the 4.0 branch was released which fixes almost 70 issues / tasks. These include bug-fixes, performance improvements and new features.

One of bigger new features is support for UNIX Domain Sockets when using the native epoll transport. For more details please see #3344 and #3345.

For a complete list please check the Bugtracker.