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Netty 4.0.48.Final and 4.1.12.Final released

I'm happy to announce the latest bug-fix releases for our 4.0.x and 4.1.x series. These releases contains bug-fixes, performance enhancements and feature so we encourage everyone to upgrade.

The most important changes for 4.0.48.Final and 4.1.12.Final are:

  • Allow to access memoryAddress of wrapped ByteBuf for ReadOnlyByteBuf (#6826)
  • Correctly exclude netty-tcnative classes from the all jar (#6793)
  • Netty force encodes already encoded responses (#6785)
  • Fix the encode bug in SctpOutboundByteStreamHandler (#6775)
  • Fix handle of ByteBuf with multi nioBuffer in EpollDatagramChannel (#6764)
  • Ensure SslUtils and so SslHandler works when using with Little-Endian buffers (#6713)

The most important changes for 4.1.12.Final are:

  • HttpObjectEncoder#isContentAlwaysEmpty cannot be overridden by subclasses (#6788)
  • RedisDecoder infinite loop (#6787)
  • UnixResolverDnsServerAddressStreamProvider default name server selection and ordering bug (#6748)
  • KQueueSocket#setTrafficClass exceptions (#6749)

For the details and all changes, please browse our issue tracker for 4.0.48.Final and 4.1.12.Final.

All changes that are in 4.0.48.Final are also included in 4.1.12.Final. All changes only have milestone 4.1.12.Final do not affect 4.0.48.Final.

As always, please let us know if you find any issues. We love feedback!


These releases update to netty-tcnative 2.0.3.Final which fixes a small native memory leak which happened when you destroy an OpenSSLContext. So if you create a lot and destroy a lot of these its important to update.

Thank You

Every idea and bug-report counts and so we thought it is worth mentioning those who helped in this area. Please report an unintended omission.