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Netty 3.7.0.Final released

As a small team, we often have difficulties maintaining multiple branches. Although most of our efforts are being put on 4.0 and beyond, we are sure 3.x deserves good deal of attention and love, and I'd like to present another feature release in the 3.x branch.

Even though we bumped the minor version from 6 to 7, it is mostly a bug fix release if the changes in the SPDY support is not considered. Because SPDY is relatively new and its specification has been changing over time, we had to reorganize it a little bit. If you were using the SPDY package in 3.6, you might want to make sure everything works as before and check #1778, #1490, #1476, #1462, and #1419. Otherwise, you will not notice anything particular but bug fixes.

For the complete list of the changes, please visit our issue tracker.