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Netty/Incubator/Codec/Quic 0.0.21.Final released

I am happy to announce the release of netty-incubator-codec-quic 0.0.21.Final. This is mainly a feature release!

Important: This release changes the artifactId from netty-incubator-codec-quic to netty-incubator-codec-native-quic to ensure that its possible to depend on multiple different architectures without ending up with duplicated classes on the classpath. Please change your dependency informations to reflect this.

The changes are:

  • Split native and classes to extra modules (#357)
  • Add zero rtt support for server (#356)
  • Use a CompositeByteBuf for GSO (#355)

For more details related to this release see our bug-tracker.

For more details about this codec in general please read our initial announcement.