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Netty 4.1.76.Final released

We are happy to announce the release of netty 4.1.76.Final. This release is a bug-fix release.

The most important changes are:

  • Upgraded the optional netty-tcnative dependency to version 2.0.51.Final (#12162)
  • Upgraded the optional log4j dependency to version 2.17.2 (#12261)
  • The netty-all module now declare an automatic module name, making it useable with Java Modules. (#12188)
  • It is now possible to configure arbitrary socket options for the native epoll and kqueue transports. Refer to your operating system documentation for what options are available. (#12246)
  • It is now possible to explicitly bind channels to either IPv4 or IPv6. (#12270)
  • The HTTP/2 header validation that rejects duplicate pseudo-headers, which was added in 4.1.75.Final, has been changed so it no longer breaks older versions of gRPC. (#12289)
  • Fix a NullPointerException that was hiding the real cause of certain HTTP/2 header decoding errors. (#12232)

For the details and all changes, please browse our issue tracker for 4.1.76.Final.

Thank You

Every idea and bug-report counts and so we thought it is worth mentioning those who helped in this area.

Please report an unintended omission.