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Netty 4.1.91.Final released

We are happy to announce the release of netty 4.1.91.Final. This is a bug-fix release, which contains an important fix for our native SSL implementation that fixes a problem that could lead to problems in your state-machines. See #13314.

The most important changes are:

  • Fire a PrematureChannelClosureException when Channel is closed while aggregating is still in progress (#13290)
  • Connect without password if server returns NO_AUTH when using Socks5 (#13290)
  • Use optional resolution of (#13303)
  • Introduce Http2MultiplexActiveStreamsException that can be used to propagate an error to all active streams (#13306)
  • Use the correct error when reset a stream (#13309)
  • Update: Add snappy support on HttpContentDecoder (#13312)
  • Don't unwrap multiple records until we notified the caller about the finished handshake (#13314)
  • Handle EHOSTUNREACH errors in (#13317)

For more details please visit our bug tracker

For all the other changes please check the 4.1.91.Final release notes.

Thank You

Every idea and bug-report counts, and so we thought it is worth mentioning those who helped in this area.

Please report an unintended omission.