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Netty/Incubator/Codec/Quic 0.0.57.Final released

We are happy to announce the release of netty-incubator-codec-quic 0.0.57.Final. This release is a bug fix release which fixes an issue which could lead to high memory usage due missing cleanup of closed connections in some cases.

The most important changes are:

  • Update to quiche 0.3.0 (#651)
  • Reduce memory usage of QuicheQuicChannel (#653)
  • Correctly fail connect future if failure in parent pipeline accours (#657)
  • Ensure QuicheQuicChannel is always removed from the QuicheQuicChannel (#660)
  • Reduce native memory usage of QuicheQuicConnection (#661)
  • Ensure we correctly detect closure if ssl tasks are offloaded. (#663)
  • Don't cache local and remote address as these might change during the lifetime (#664)
  • Correctly handle lifetimes and channel state (#665)

For more details related to this release see our bug-tracker.

For more details about this codec in general please read our initial announcement.

Thank You

Every idea and bug-report counts, and so we thought it is worth mentioning those who helped in this area.

Please report an unintended omission.